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Representation. Advocacy.
Brand  Building.

You've heard it before. The
future is female. But at SPISAK,
we're not waiting.

We are a whole new kind of
sports agency. By women. For
women. Focused on the iconic,
charismatic and, until now,
undervalued power of female

SPISAK is the brainchild of pro soccer
star and coach Kati Jo “KJ” Spisak.
KJ has lived and breathed the need for
revolutionary representation, fueling her
determination to start the movement.

KJ has assembled a team with vast
experience on and off the field, deep
personal networks, and commitment
to change, making them uniquely
positioned to champion this new
generation of female athletes.

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We give 
women athletes

1. We are the league.

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2. Is professional women's soccer an oxymoron? A blueprint to make sure it's not.

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3. Washington Spirit Sign Forward Ashley Hatch to New Extension.


Join the crew

Are you a college player ready
to go pro...

A pro player looking for expert
advisory and representation...

A brand thinking about
partnering with amazing
female athletes...

A mission aligned non profit?

Let's talk!

SPISAK_Site (3)_edited_edited.png
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