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Founder KJ Spisak
is the real deal.

A native of St. Louis, MO, KJ is the
most decorated female soccer player in
the history of Texas A&M University. A now
legendary goalkeeper, she was a three-time
All-American, and is an A&M Hall of Famer.
A goalkeeper in the Women's Profession-
al Soccer (WPS) league and the Nation-
al Women's Soccer League (NWSL), KJ
also played internationally for the United
States Youth Women's National team.

KJ has also had a long relationship
with the Washington Spirit NWSL since its birth in 2013. She served as Assistant Coach, Lead Scout, and Player/Coach to the first team, and head coach of the Reserves team, winning a National Championship and earning “Coach of the Year.” In addition to coaching, Spisak spent extensive time on the business side, directing corporate sponsorship and club partnerships.

Most importantly, KJ is
committed to her players and
what they need to thrive--on
the field and off, now and in the

She's seen firsthand how

wildly talented, charismatic,
highly cool women are being

She knows women athletes are...

Powerhouses. Role models.

And she wants teams, fans and
brands to see their potential too.

  The agency
(Why we're
  doing it better.)

Our clients are uniquely and
freakishly good at what they do.

We are a direct reflection of our

We've been on the turf. We bring 14
years of experience playing, coaching,
managing at the highest level in women's soccer. We have more extensive knowledge of NWSL, international leagues, and women's soccer than any other agency today.

We have an unmatched global network.
Our contacts across the soccer world -
from coaches to trainers to former and
current NWSL and US National team
players - are a network ready to be put
to use for our clients.

We get personal. Sure we care about
maximizing your earnings, but more
importantly, we care about and can
facilitate your career development at each
and every step. We know what female
athletes value, and in fact ALL athletes
value! From relationships with coaches,
issues on the field, best next moves to get
you noticed at the right level--we're your
partners day in and day out.

We're building a powerful, rad, kick-ass
community that you will want to be part of.
We're looking for more than just players.
Our squad will be made of changemakers,
and will serve as a resource for all players,
young and experienced.

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  Our why
(The reason
  we exist.)

Most female athletes have not
been getting what they need.

Representation should not be
one size fits all. Or one-sided.

At SPISAK, we don't assume we know best,
tune-out your input, and then vanish until
your next contract. We do things a bit dif-
ferently. We employ a holistic approach.

We know that powerhouse women athletes
want a lot. To win. To be excellent. To play
hard. To be heard. To be seen. To be strong.
To have fun. To be taken seriously. To relate well to teammates. To have positive rap-port with coaches and trainers. To create time for friends and family. To crack the strategy for success. The list goes on. And on.

Athletic management, we believe, is of
course about landing great deals and cre-
ating great opportunities. But it's also
about day in and day out support of all of
those other intangibles as well, in addition
to long term career and life goals. Funda-
mentally, it's about respect. Listening. Un-
derstanding. Communicating.

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