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WHAT we'll do
for you.

(The big stuff anyway.)

We have an incredible team behind SPISAK
and our expertise runs from lawyering to
strategic social media management, to
content producing, to creative branding,
to partnerships and dealmaking, to other
innovative revenue producing opportunities
for our players.

But communication, advocacy and
mentoring are just launching points.
This business can be about connections
and being heard, as well as playing.

We will have essential and routine
conversations on your behalf with GMs
coaches, national team leadership.
Our reputation in the NWSL means
we can get any call returned, and our
thoughts are respected. We also guide
you in creating and nurturing your own
connections and relationships, and give
you the strategic map you need to chart
your path.

Our primary focus is to
champion you, and provide
proper support and encouragement for you to grow,
develop and succeed.

First as a player. Next as a
person. This journey takes a
village, and we mobilize that
village for you.


  and contracts.

(The cornerstone
  of our work.)

You've got a given number
of years to play. Name your
dream, work with our team,
and we'll work together to
get you there. It's big picture
strategic, and it's hand-holding
micro-management. We help
map it out and make it real.

We are our clients':
Legal Advisors
Business Managers
Placement Advisors

We negotiate:
Team Contracts
Partnerships + Endorsements
Community Outreach
Licensing Agreements

brand building,
social mission.

(Everything else that keeps you keepin' on.)

We're innovative and creative about finding
not only lucrative, but interesting opportu-
nities for our players. Big deals take time
to build, so we often start small.
The key to attracting the right brands is
honing your own brand.
And it's more than social media or likes.
You, your interests, quirks, strengths, pas-
sions are your most valuable assets. You
want the world to know who you are and
what you stand for.

We will help you:
Develop your personal brand
Build your digital Influence
Procure Sponsorships
Curate + Maximize media


  The after life.
(future thinking.)

Crazy as it may seem, there will come a
point when you may no longer want to play
pro. When life opens up to other possibili-
ties. And we want you to be ready.
So as much as we are 100% committed to
your success as an athlete, we are 1000%
committed to your success as a person.

We will offer you courses and
advice on:
-Financial Planning
-Venture Opportunities
-Career Planning
-Goal Setting

Private Consultations.

Join the crew

Are you a college player ready
to go pro...

A pro player looking for expert
advisory and representation...

A brand thinking about
partnering with amazing
female athletes...

A mission aligned non profit?

Let's talk!

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