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Emina Ekic

Emina Ekic

Team: Racing Louisville FC

Position: Forward

Emina is top new NWSL talent--the number 5 overall draft pick in the 2021 Draft. She scored the first goal in Racing Louisville’s history last year! She’s an extremely disciplined player–a decorated athlete with ACC offensive Player of the Year honors, and is on the National Team’s watch list.

Emina's details:

Prankster. All in. First Gen. Amateur chef. "Healthy, but not."

Watches funny dogs on TikToks. Walks to Indiana to get FroYo. Dreams of being a detective. Obsessed with Handmaids Tale and SVU.

Emina is the ultimate, modern All-American woman. She's Muslim, by way of Bosnian parents. She’s also got great hometown girl cred, having grown up in Louisville.

Quirky, Silly. When you’re with her, you won’t stop laughing. And you’ll eat lots of tacos.

But she’s crazy serious about soccer. You want her in your corner, not facing you on the field.

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