Havana Solaun

Havana Solaun

Team: Jamaican National Team & North Carolina Courage

Position: Midfield

Havana is a Jamaican professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the (NWSL) North Carolina Courage and the Jamaican women's national team.

In 2019 she made history–scoring Jamaica’s first-ever goal in a FIFA World Cup.

Havana has also played professionally in Norway, France, and Cyprus.

Havana's details:

She’s a globe-trotter. So far, 20 countries ticked off her list. She knows she wants to live in New Zealand, but has yet to visit.

Current obsessions: chocolate (specifically, Tony’s Chocolonely), Coffee (specifically, La Colombe, Lyon blend), Jigsaws, and her dog (her life.)

What does she read? Historical fiction. Memoirs. Biographies. Shantaram.

Can’t live without: her morning routine: 6:30 a.m. sitting in her recliner (from college), at 6:30 am, with with coffee, a crossword and her journal.

If Havana wasn’t a pro athlete, she’d be: an author, a chef or a farmer.

A little known fact? She knows how to milk a cow.

She hopes to qualify for an Olympics representing Jamaica.

“It is important to me to leave the soccer world in a better place for the girls coming up behind me.”